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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shop and Dine in CEBU City Visit

Travel and enjoy your stay in Cebu City with the latest deals in CebuWhile you are at your travel, do not let yourself suffer, you can go shop and dine in any of the Cebu City's known Shopping Centers such as:

Ayala Center Cebu will open from Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 
Coffee shops like: Starbucks, Coffee Bean and a lot more to mention. 
Location:  Near Marriot Hotel, Cebu Business Park
  • It has an atrium with a bunch of coffee shops and dines. You will be at peace with the location. Next to the atrium is the luxurious Marriot Hotel. If you have plans of staying Marriot Hotel, they have promotional offers of 117.25$ to 160.92$ which is P6,700  from November 1 to December 31, 2011 with 2 night stay at the hotel with freebies included. A great saving for you and your family treats this coming Christmas and if not this Christmas, you can stay for a lower rate during weekends. You can check this one:
  •  14th European film festival, admission is free with a first come first serve basis. This is from Sept 30, 2011, October 1 and 2, 2011. Enjoy your day at Ayala center and remember quality time with the family is important.
Getting to Ayala Center Cebu:
If you have plans of staying at Marriot Hotel, Park lane Hotel, Elizabeth Hotel, you can actually tell the taxi driver to drop you to the Hotel of your choice and Ayala Center Cebu is just 2 to 3 minutes walk. 

Tip: There are also FOREX booths at the lower ground of Ayala Center Cebu, in the Atrium area, or in the upper level near Fitness First Gym.

SM Super Malls will open from Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
   I just checked the latest deals in Cebu:
  •  P25.00 regal film fest, you can watch your favorite films: 
    • Shake Rattle and Roll XII
    • My Monster Mom
    • Happy Heart
    • and to get you excited for such offers, better check it personally there, the promo is until November 15, 2011
  • SM food court also offers free sweet treat just like a dessert after your meal when you purchase in a certain amount and make sure you have an SM advantage card or even BDO Rewards Card that will be a good saving family treats.
  • They have also a grilled food festival at a price of P88.00 which is around 2.20$ from September 17- October 30, 2011.
For all you know, SM City Cebu is the fourth largest Mall in the Philippines and rank 11th around the world. 

Tip: Before you ride a taxi make sure, you have the Philippine Bills, you can exchange your dollar bills at the airport. You had better exchange your dollars at the airport lobby but mind you, they will exchange it at a lower amount. So the best thing to do is exchange an amount which can cover your expenses for few days and if you want to relax, visit the FOREX counters at SM CITY Cebu, they can exchange your dollars/any currency at a higher rate.

Getting to SM City Cebu(North Reclamation Area): 

Well, if you are from Mactan International Airport, you can reach SM CITY CEBU by a Taxi Cab(yellow cab).  This will bring you to SM, make sure to ask the taxi driver if he have the metered one, it will give you at P70.00 start of charge and additional 4 pesos for succeeding no. of meters and it will reach you at the place around 30-45 minutes with the traffic jam. Make sure you also visit the SM Travelers Lounge. I am sure you will love to relax shop, dine and enjoy your day. You can leave your baggage at the Travelers Lounge, for around P50.00 or 1.30$.   Worry no more while you enjoy your day with the deals in Cebu.

Have a wonderful and memorable visit in Cebu City- the Queen City of the South!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Choosing the Best Places to Visit and Stay

While you were able to book for a flight, you should have the place to stay too. Be ready with the activities you wanted to do during your visit. You plan your trip and travel. In this way you can save money, time and effort in looking for the best and would make your trip an indelible one. As the quote from A.A. Milne says that: Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” Organize your plans and so you will be able to focus on it. While focusing on your goal, you would be able to meet what you want and dream of. If you wanted to visit CEBU, the QUEEN CITY of the SOUTH, this guide to cebu will help you. You probably need to know its History and the Facts about CEBU. 


Cebu's capital city is CEBU CITY, it has eight(8) districts. Aside from Cebu City, it has four more Cities such as Mandaue City, Danao City, Toledo City, and Lapu-Lapu City. There are forty eight (48) municipalities, with 1,201 barangays as per DTI Cebu. Cebu is the center of Visayas Islands.  The land area of Cebu is 508,839 hectares (5,088.4 sq. km). 

Cebu City- known as the Queen City of the South. Favorite vacation destination and has a great history and culture. The second largest city in the Philippines. Fastest growing city which is also the seat of business process outsourcing where call center agents are highly in demand. Before we will continue this guide to cebu , let me provide you some information about Cebu.

Cebu History:
A great history that every Filipino should know. The famous first Philippine hero known as Lapu-Lapu is from Cebu. Cebu has boost its natural resources with white sandy beaches and it has a great history that shows the past such as the birth of Christianity in Asia where Magellan have planted the wooden cross that converted the inhabitants to Christianity. The famous Basilica de Santo Nino that is located in front of the Cebu City Hall.
Culture and Religion:
The inhabitants were converted to Christianity.
Annual Activities:
The Sinulog Festival is the biggest annual activity in Cebu. Many tourists from different parts of the World wants to celebrate with the festival. The Sinulog festival reflects the honoring of the Sr. Santo Nino the patron of Cebu.
Best Places to visit:
Basilica de Santo Nino
Magellan’s Cross Shrine
Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel
Fort San Pedro
Taoist Temple
Casa Gorordo Museum
and Many Many More...
Best hotels and resorts:
Plantation Bay
Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa
Hotels in Cebu City:
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Parklane Hotel
Waterfront Hotel
Radison Hotel
Looking for cheap rates with excellent services for hotel and resorts in Cebu?
Getting In Cebu, particularly in Cebu City:
By Boat:
If you are from the north and from nearby islands, you can travel by either by boat or by plane. Some of the shipping companies that is known to the public are:
Super Ferry: If you are from Manila, Schedules are:
Monday: 6:45pm 
Wednesday: 7:45pm
Friday: 11:45am
and Saturday: 8:45am
Going back to Manila: Ceb-Mla.
Tuesday: 9:45am
Thursday: 10:45am
Friday: 8:45pm
Sunday: 8:45pm
Rates will vary, better book ahead.
you can also check
Negros Navigation(Manila-Cebu):Thursday 11:59pm
Cebu-Manila: Wednesday 8:30pm
You can check at
Cebu Ferries:
Trans Asia
By Plane:
Philippine Airlines
Cebu Pacific Air
Zest Air
I hope you have a nice stay in Cebu and good luck in your trip to Cebu. I hope this guide to cebu help your needs. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Travel With Your Own Choice, Within Your Budget

Traveling would be the exciting part in your life. Sightseeing and adventure to a different place, different country would be incredible and indelible once you have planned. If you wanted to travel outside Cebu, or even out of the Country, there are many options for you to save your budget. Here are the few traveling tips if you plan to go to Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and those Asian countries you wanted to visit, you can book a flight either by CEBU Pacific Airlines, Philippines Airlines.

Once you have booked via online for your ticket to any Asian Countries, you can actually purchase it at a lower price or promo fare. Be aware that many people are monitoring for the promo fares especially for CEBU PACIFIC flights. They have year round fares, which is for instance:
Recently they have P82.50 fare on way, and P82.50 return trip. However, remember there are charges that you still have to pay.
So if you book for the Round Trip Ticket let’s say from Cebu to Hong Kong or Singapore:
§  Base Fare: PHP 165.00
§  YQ: PHP 1,309.50
§  Air Passenger Departure Tax: PHP 668.78
§  Q: PHP 183.91
§  Web Admin Fee Fee: PHP 160.00
§  PC: PHP 0.00
§  Total: PHP 2,487.19
§  So if you have a baggage then you will pay additional charge of BAG15: PHP 350.00

This sounds very cheap. Moreover, not only that, you can save up your hotel accommodation if you book early. Take note of my traveling tips that you can choose those best places to stay while you are on your vacation.  You can either pay via credit card, or pay over the counter from various banks specified. You can check for or to Philippine Airlines website. 

Many hostel, guesthouses, hotel accommodation that you can book.

You can check the following:
1. accept PayPal, and Credit Cards
2. accept Credit Cards, Money Brokers
3. accept credit cards
4. – accept credit cards and debit cards with visa and MasterCard logos
5. You can directly contact the Guest Houses you have known that is good.  

Those websites accept credit cards, and they have the option either to book you ahead and the payment would be at the time of your arrival in the location specified. Therefore, you can choose many options. Be sure you have the enough funds to cover the expenses. Having the ticket alone and the hotel accommodation would not be a guarantee to get a permit from the immigration officers. Moreover, do not forget this traveling tips, make sure you have sufficient fund and that the immigration officers would be able to conclude that you are good to go.


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