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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


One of the most interesting stories and ideas about NEW YEAR is making a fruitful year ahead.
This is the spirit of New Year!

One of the top 5 New Year's resolution as listed:

1. Make more money for 2014 - Many of us usually wish for making more money this 2014.
This is common, businessmen also has a tradition for this. Chinese do have there own New Year Celebration. A lot of rituals and traditions are being presented on Chinese New Year. But to make more money needs more hard work, good strategies for the business. So your wish will come true if you work hard for it.

2. Be more loving and spiritual - It is important to be loving and drive you more closer to God for the coming Year to avoid any distractions and temptations in achieving one's goal.

3. To lose weight. - Due to the holidays and a lot of food on our table, we also forget to maintain our weight.  Getting fat is a big problem especially for ladies. This is important because body figure will also matter. You need to buy more clothes to blend with the occasion you will be attending. It is good to have enough weight for your age.

4. Success in career and good career path. Every man wish for this. Getting a good career in the near future is one way of achieving the number 1 New Year's resolution on the list above, because if you have  a good career, that means you are making a lot of money out from it.

5. Free mind and peace for the world. For this chaotic world, everyone wishes for a peaceful and fruitful world. That wars will be stopped, and that God will forbid us from any disaster or calamities.

Just saying what is in my New Year's Resolution List...Have you think of your resolutions for this Year 2014?  for updates, please follow me on twitter @homewebsitecent |guide to cebu| deals in Cebu| traveling tips|


Every Filipino home, celebrates the New Year's Eve which is a big celebration in the Family. 
I usually take charge of the Jingle portion, in which everyone has the 24 coins in the pocket. Once it is 12 midnight, everyone has to jump and say " HAPPY NEW YEAR". 

Aside from this, it is also a tradition to prepare food which is a good luck to welcome the New Year.

1. Pansit - This is believe to bring long life to every member of the family.
2. 12 round fruits - That every month, it is very fruitful through out the year or 12 months.
3. Lentils and Beans - It is customary to eat Lentils and Beans on New Year's eve to bring luck which symbolizes coins.
4. Round Cake - round cake symbolizes wholeness and completion of the whole year. 
5. Fish - symbolizes long and healthy life. 
6. Pork - many people eat this because this symbolizes high fat content which means wealth. Avoid chicken and poultry products, because chickens scratch backwards just to get food. 

Those are the food  usually prepared/eaten than bring luck to every Family on New Year's Eve.

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"Updated Price for Eat All You Can Places in Cebu City"

Eat All You Can In Cebu City
List of Eat All You Can in Cebu City, all you can eat places

@ The Port
Location: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Salinas Drive, Lahug
Tel No. to Call: (032) 231-7441
Price: Php100-Php500

@ Joven's Grill and Seafood
Location:  A.S. Fortuna St.,Banilad, IT Park,
Tel No. to Call:  Phone  (+6332) 3451641 or 3445376
Price:  P240.00 Lunch and Dinner Buffet

@ Joven's Grill & Seafood Parkmall
Location: Parkmall Mandaue City
Tel No. to Call: Mandaue City - 032 420 9010
Price:  P240.00 Lunch and Dinner Buffet

@ Joven's Grill & Seafood IT Park
Location:  Skyrise 3 Asia Town IT Park Lahug Cebu City
Price:  P240.00 Lunch and Dinner Buffet

additional information for all you can eat places :

@ Grand Majestic - Banilad
Archbishop Reyes Ave.
Tel No. to Call
(032) 232-1103
Price:  P500.00/meal

@ Royal Concorse
Gorordo Avenue Cebu City
Tel No. to Call:
63(32) 232-2548
Price:  Super Buffet P208/person

@ Family's Choice - Gorordo
10 Gorordo Ave. Cebu
Tel No. to Call:
(63 32) 231-185
Price: (less than P300/person, eat & drink all u can)

@Barrio Fiesta - SM City Cebu
3rd Level SM City Cebu
Tel No. to Call:
(63-32) 232-0640
Price:(less than P100/person for snacks & less than P300 for full meals)

@ Ding Qua Qua
 2/F JY square Mall
Tel No. to Call:
(32) 2310111 / 2342399
Price: P99 for lunch or dinner buffet

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Delicacies You Shouldn't Miss in Visiting CEBU!

Cebu Island, the queen island of the South, has a variety of delicacies available in the Market.  Cebu has a lot of delicacies which you will be amazed of the price. The price is not that exorbitant, yet it is very affordable and one thing for sure, you will be able to buy more presents to your relatives and friends. 

If you have a plan to come in Cebu, please be ready with the full blast festival of the year which is the "SINULOG FESTIVAL"

Have you seen lovely girls, young ladies and gents who dance in the street with colorful costumes.

Let me give you a quick view:

Don't miss the Sinulog Festival which is usually celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. It is very soon!

And with a lot of delicacies so called "PASALUBONG" in Visayan dialect, to name a few :

and everyone's favorite.....

"Masareal" is my favorite eversince! It is made of purely ground peanuts, and sugar. 

More Pasalubong for your love ones and friends....

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This is the day that you should buy some stuff for your love ones, for your self and for your family. Which is very exciting! I love to buy cooking utensils, study international cooking as well. I am a novice in cooking. I love to cook, but due to lack of time, I seldom cook nowadays. Which do you prefer? 
You dine in any fine dining restaurants every time you eat or you cook your own food with the convenience in your sweet abode. I choose to cook in my little abode. I don't wanna exacerbate things, I like to live a simple life. And being single is a good way to experience life to the fullest! Go shopping is the best way to motivate you to work, live life with inspiration from your love ones. Best way to maintain good relationship and good vibes, usually is to give gifts.

Even in your busy days or travel in Cebu, for |traveling tips|, try to experience the life of a Filipino which is usually giving gifts/ presents to love ones even before the New Year is traditionally practice.|Deals in Cebu| I have seen a lot of Clearance Sale in any Mall in Cebu. But most of those I have seen in SM City Cebu Mall, Ayala Mall, Metro Department Stores, E-Mall, J Center Mall, JY Square and a lot more... But the question is, do you know how to get there?

To make it easier for you, just ride a Taxi Cab and tell the driver that you are going to SM CITY CEBU Mall. But if you really want to ride on a Jeep, ride on 04L or with Sign Boards (SM). |guide to Cebu| The address is North Reclamation Area, Cebu City with Tel No.: (032) 231-0557 / (032) 231-3446-47
To get a clearer picture of Cebu Streets. Please browse on the Map guide below.

To get a full view of the street name, please double click on the Map Guide. 

How to go to AYALA Mall. Please click on the Map below, or please go to this link:  guide to cebu | deals in Cebu | traveling tips |.

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"New Year, Good Vibes, Welcome the New Year with a Bang!"

Let's count the days left for 2013. What have you done and what you did not do for the year 2013?
I am counting the days, and we have 2 days left to welcome the year 2014. I am grateful for the year 2013. 
Many things happened in my life, but there are negative but with overwhelming positive results for the year 2013. Have you take down notes for those achievements you have so far?

This is the time to thank for all the myriad blessings that were bestowed upon us. A year that we can say,
a year of hope, trials, but with Great Faith in Heaven. We too have beliefs and traditionally we serve food that will give us luck for welcoming the year. It is not by belief that you can achieve such wish, but you have to work for it.  Strive for the best, positive outlook and good vibes is the best way to achieve such wishes. 

Round fruits that will wish us Luck in welcoming the Year 2014!

Not only fruits but also clothes, which are traditionally worn on New Year's Eve. Anything with polka dots design is also resembles "Luck", due to the fact that circles or dots symbols money. 

Aside from wearing polka dots on New Year's Eve, it is also a tradition even in my family to
prepare 24 coins in our pockets to attract wealth. Jump as high as we can with the belief that will help grow taller.

These are few of the traditions which Filipino's usually practice on New Year's Eve.

For updates; please read more on :  guide to cebu | deals in Cebu | traveling tips

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It's been awhile and I miss sharing some thoughts for this CHRISTMAS SEASON, 2014!

I am excited for this coming Christmas. I am sure you are too! Christmas Day is the most festive day in the Philippines. Filipino Families gather around the world. A small party or called " Salo Salo" is known for all Filipino's especially during Christmas.

This is very famous in every Filipino Home.

And every Family will be amazed with endless Caroler. Usually kids go caroling. The famous songs sung during this season such as : Kasadya Ning Taknaan for Visayan.

Some of the famous songs listed as top ten Filipino Christmas songs: 

1. Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati
2. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit
3. Christmas in our Hearts
4. Pasko Na Sinta Ko
5. Pasko na Naman
6. Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang
7. Himig ng Pasko
8. Sa Paskong Darating
9. Noche Buena
10. Payapang Daigdig

Those are Tagalog Songs, and few English Songs. Filipino's love to give gifts to any love ones. 
My dream and promise for this Christmas, is to be with my Family and Celebrate Christmas Eve with them.

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