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Friday, January 12, 2018


Traveling is the most exciting and most exhausting, that you have to plan properly. Aside from getting financially prepared, research for the places and tourist spots are to be considered. And off course to travel safe is the most important thing. 


1.  List of Places to Travel: Considering the countries you should visit and not visit. Be aware of any tourism advisories from your home country and countries to visit. Check on the weather update, as it will affect your travel plans and excursions you want to go to.

2.  Check on visa requirements for the country you want to visit. Aside from passport validity of at least six months for some countries. If you want a hassle free travel, choose countries with no visa requirement. 

3.  Booking an air ticket. Book as early as now, as air fares will be very high if you book and fly too soon. Better book months ahead of your travel date. But some countries would recommend to get your visa approved yet, before booking your ticket to the desired destination. 

For Europe and the UK, you need to comply the requirements for getting a visa. Since, booking confirmation for round trip air ticket, hotel accommodation, and your itinerary plans in order to completely process your Schengen / or the UK Visa.  

 4. Get a travel insurance. Getting an international travel health insurance is one of the requirements to process Schegen / or the UK visa or any other visa you want to get. Health travel insurance are available online.If you are traveling abroad, don't forget to check the period of coverage and of course international medical insurance plan should be worldwide with destination period mentioned on the certificate.  You can also check some low cost travel insurance , and check on quotes from different insurance companies. 

5.  Do you need to submit bank statements, employment proof, or proof of ties that you will come back to your home country? Yes, bank statement is required at least three (3) months current bank statement, employment proof and pocket money for the planned trip.

So, plan ahead and get ready for your next adventure. "Today's moments, are tomorrow's memories."

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