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Sunday, May 22, 2016


I love travelling a lot! This blog is for your reference if you have plans for vacation to Southeastern Part of Europe. The largest city of Georgia, called Tbilisi. We traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia with out a Tour Guide. A place where few locals can speak English, but we were able to manage and maintain composure as difficult to communicate with them in sign/written language. I had a wonderful experiences to share for your guide as a traveler. One of the 5 things you can do in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Never miss sightseeing for 5 places most visited in Tbilisi.

1. The Narikala Fortress, an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi. No entrance fee, for free. All you need to do is ride on a cable car going to Narikala Fortress in 2 minutes. You will enjoy the overlooking views while on your way up.  You have to bring a bottle of water in your way up to the hill. But, what a stress relieving travel. I have the chance again, I might come back Tbilisi. I went there for 3 days, but it isn't enough. If you plan to go there, better go for a week vacation, you will really enjoy Tbilisi, and

2. National Botanical Garden of Georgia. This is located 5 mins going down from Narikala Hill. When we started walking and looking for this, we lose patience. But as we tried to ask some locals, 
finally we are able to reached our destination. The National Botanical Garden of Georgia. It was an average experience, quite, peaceful and serene place to relax.

3. The Bridge of Peace - so called the "the bridge of souls". It was a very cold afternoon as the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. It is a bridge glass and can be good to see if evening, as you will see the lights like stars from the sky. 

4. Rustaveli Avenue - Some shops are located in the old /yet well maintained buildings. Items sold here are quite expensive. This is where we found the National Museum of Georgia. We paid few Georgian Lari as entrance fee to the museum, around 10-15 Georgian Lari, in Dirhams AED 1.71 to 1 GEL( Georgian Lari). In US Dollars it is .47 USD  equivalent to  1 GEL. So in simple math, your dollar multiplied by two, you get 2 GEL. 

5. The Bathhouses - one of the most famous sulfur bathhouses in the world located in Old Tbilisi, Georgia. Your tour in Tbilisi, Georgia is not complete without visiting this thousand years old bathhouses. 

You might be wondering how to get in Georgia ? Georgia Travel

As resident of United Arab Emirates, it is a no visa country. But if your from Philippines going to Tbilisi, there could be a fee to be paid upon arrival. In our case, we bought the package tour from a
travel company online and we were good to go.

Enjoy your trip, don't hesitate to drop any message for suggestions and comments. Sharing is Loving!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Being fearless in your travels will help you achieve your objectives. As a traveler, you should have the passion to uncover the cultures, history, wonderful spots, structures in your place of destination.

This time, I am sharing my experience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's not only dune bashing, but a lot more to do in the desert with group of friends. That dust covering the windshield as the driver maneuvered the tilting, a roller coaster ride swinging with the sand. Aside from this marvelous, and exciting desert safari ride, you will have the opportunity to ride on magnificent camels in their natural habitat.

The Rides.....

                                             4x4 dune bashing, tilting, swinging in the sand

                                            and don't miss the stunning Camel Ride in the sand.

As you want to travel to Dubai, make it a memorable Dubai Travels. Travel as you are still young.
List all your travel plans and make it possible as a dream will always be a dream without making it
a reality. Join me as I will share to you my experiences in travelling to UAE. This country is located
in the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula and Persian Golf. United Arab Country Travel | Desert Safari in Dubai | Dubai Adventure. @AED100, you will enjoy the amazing yet roller coaster ride /stunning camel ride/ dinner buffet/ dance show and meet new people-- the Locals!!!

My experience:

Feel free to drop any messages for suggestions and comments . Dubai Travels | United Arab Country Travel | Desert Safari in Dubai | Dubai Adventure |

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