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Sunday, December 29, 2013


This is the day that you should buy some stuff for your love ones, for your self and for your family. Which is very exciting! I love to buy cooking utensils, study international cooking as well. I am a novice in cooking. I love to cook, but due to lack of time, I seldom cook nowadays. Which do you prefer? 
You dine in any fine dining restaurants every time you eat or you cook your own food with the convenience in your sweet abode. I choose to cook in my little abode. I don't wanna exacerbate things, I like to live a simple life. And being single is a good way to experience life to the fullest! Go shopping is the best way to motivate you to work, live life with inspiration from your love ones. Best way to maintain good relationship and good vibes, usually is to give gifts.

Even in your busy days or travel in Cebu, for |traveling tips|, try to experience the life of a Filipino which is usually giving gifts/ presents to love ones even before the New Year is traditionally practice.|Deals in Cebu| I have seen a lot of Clearance Sale in any Mall in Cebu. But most of those I have seen in SM City Cebu Mall, Ayala Mall, Metro Department Stores, E-Mall, J Center Mall, JY Square and a lot more... But the question is, do you know how to get there?

To make it easier for you, just ride a Taxi Cab and tell the driver that you are going to SM CITY CEBU Mall. But if you really want to ride on a Jeep, ride on 04L or with Sign Boards (SM). |guide to Cebu| The address is North Reclamation Area, Cebu City with Tel No.: (032) 231-0557 / (032) 231-3446-47
To get a clearer picture of Cebu Streets. Please browse on the Map guide below.

To get a full view of the street name, please double click on the Map Guide. 

How to go to AYALA Mall. Please click on the Map below, or please go to this link:  guide to cebu | deals in Cebu | traveling tips |.

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