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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cagayan De Oro’s best: White Water Rafting
Cagayan De Oro, a gateway to Mindanao, is one of the fast growing Provinces in the Philippines not just because of the hard working people living in Cagayan De Oro but because of the tourist spots they definitely treasure and well taken care of. One of those is the Cagayan River with breath-taking rapids that will surely lift your spirit to the highest level. One of the philippine tourist attractions that you shouldn't miss.

White water rafting in Cagayan De Oro has 21 kilometers of straight and extreme adrenaline rush passing through 21 ranging and wildest rapids. The white water rides will take you 4 to 5 hours to complete.

Before taking the adventurous ride, the guides or the cruise master will let you choose between the short or the long route. Short route is a 2-hour adventure passing through 17 rapids only. I do suggest you to take the long route for this is where you can come across the beautiful yet the wildest rapids could ever imagine. The cruise master will give you the Do’s and Dont’s before and during the river adventure.

1.       Wear comfortable clothes, swim wear or rush guard.
2.       Put on sun block.
3.       You can do swimming during the adventure but ask your guide master when and where is a good spot to have it.
4.       When passing through the rapids, hold the rope on your raft.

1.       Do not wear denim jeans or pants.
2.       Do not bring your mobile phones or any valuable things.
3.       If you have underwater camera, do bring it with you. Hand it to the guide master because he will assign someone from there group to take pictures for you.
4.       Do not jump while u r in the middle or a ranging rapid since that said spot is shallow with sharp, big rocks.
5.       Do not hold the person next to you to avoid falling off from the raft in the dangerous spots of the river.
6.       Never stand while passing through the rapids.
7.       Do not bring sharp objects that may damage your raft or may harm you.

Cagayan De Oro can be reach by plane through Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Air, Air Philippine Express or Philippine Airlines and by sea through TransAsia and Cebu Ferries from Cebu and a Super Ferry from Manila. From the city proper, your tour guide will then send you to the pit stop in Taguanao Bridge, Barangay Lumbia.

Here are few agencies that cater the river rafting:
1.       Great White Water Tours - +639177060677;
2.       The Red Rafts = 
3.     KAGAY - Whitewater Rafting Voyages Outfitter – +63917-7122323;

 For first timers, feeling nervous is normal. It is indeed scary at first once you pass by every rapid but there are secrets not to feel nervous and scared and replace it with fun and enjoyable moments. What are the secrets? Just listen, follow and trust. Listen to your guide during the briefing, and within the adventure. Follow what the cruise master is asking to do. The most important thing is trust your cruise master because they really know what danger is, where danger is and when danger strikes.

Throughout the adventure, your cruise master will give you additional knowledge, information or facts about Cagayan De Oro and the river rafting origin. The best thing to learn more is to ask your guide master anything about the place for they are the best persons to ask.
They will let you experience your raft tilt and let all of you fell off to the water. They as well let you experience when a raft bumps to a huge stone causing the raft to turn upside down. Having fun with the river of adventure?

But do not worry about danger because they know very well which spot is safe for you. They will assess you who among your group are the weakest when it comes to extreme hobbies such as river rafting.

So, all throughout the adventure, just enjoy the splash of the water and let your adrenaline burst out and show the world the adventurous side of you. Here's your hint: whitewater rides

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