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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Magnificent El Nido, Palawan

El Nido Philippines is located at the Northern part of the Province of Palawan in the Philippines. Its geographical location is indeed one of the factors that made it the most beautiful place and one of the tourist destinations in the country.
What makes it magnificent? For your el nido tour ,it has a lot to offer whatever you’re up to. If you are a beach bum, El Nido is a great choice for it has beautiful beaches with finest white sands.
You can have island hopping and you will see the different beautiful coastline each island  that Palawan in the Philippines can offer.  Not just fine white sands but each island has its different rock formations that are unique and different from other islands. 

If you love rock or cliff climbing for your Palawan Tours, every island is a perfect spot. Each island has amazing rock formations best for rock climbing with different difficulty level.

For scuba diving addicts, Scuba Diving Philippines at El Nido has superb diving spots because the place is well protected not just by the local government but by the residents as well. They have marine sanctuaries.  They really treasure the place for this is where they earn for a living. The people and the local government work hand in hand to protect and preserve the natural beauty of El Nido.
How To Get There.

From the capital city of the Philippines, Manila you can take a plane to Puerto Prinsesa, the main city of Palawan. You can as well get a direct flight to Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan from Cebu.
From the airport, there are vans for hire or u can take the tour packages. Here are a few contract persons who can help you with your El Nido, Palawan tour:
1.      WhiteRock travel & Tour – c/o  Ms. Minda 09102436869
2.      El Nido Island Hopping Tour guides c/o Derek 09215189081
3.      El Nido Native rooms for rent c/o Buddy 09286159895

If you opt to choose a tour of your own, it’s more fun and more adventurous but just take extra care.

A vhire vans will then take you to El Nido in 7-8 hours, public buses will take you 8-9 hours but I do suggest you to take the vhire vans or rent your own van to get there because there is an approximately 50 kilometres of rough road. Renting a van will just take you 6 hours of travel to El Nido.

Your chosen tour guide will then give you options or the different tour packages you want. The El Nido Tourism office can as well offer you tour guide once you get there. There is an Environment fee of 200 php for every person in their Tourism office once you have your tour. Below are few of the tour packages I know:
A.    Island hopping (from 10am-5pm) = 400-500 php/pax; minimum of 6 with free lunch
·         Big lagoon
·         Small lagoon with a small cave
·         Hidden lagoon
·         Snorkelling in Marine Sanctuary
B.     Falls trekking and island hopping (from 5am-5pm) = 800-900 php/pax; minimum of 6 with free lunch
·         Big lagoon
·         Small lagoon with a small cave
·         Hidden lagoon
·         Snorkelling in Marine Sanctuary
C.     Scuba diving (half day) = 2500-3000 php/pax; minimum of 6
D.    Rock/cliff climbing = 500 php/pax; without gears (bring your own gears like harness, helmet and safety rope)

El Nido is not only limited with stunning beaches, amazing rock formations and wondrous underwater adventures. They also have falls and caves waiting for you to explore. So, once you get there just enjoy the philippine tourist attractions, have fun and make the most out of it.

More posts, for this Christmas time! 

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